May 29, 2008

Oh, How Good it Feels....

To know that in just a matter of weeks I'll be heading up to Minnesota to see my friends and the timing couldn't be any better- I have been craving their company for weeks. Well, actually, for months. Simple Guy and I talked about it and decided that I should go and see my friends; this girl needs some time with her peeps.

There are engagements to celebrate, babies to hold, laughing to do, stories to tell in person, and hugs to share. Oh Minnesota friends, please do not get sick, skip town, or schedule anything for fear that we should not get to see one another. You are the reason I am coming....well, aren't you special? Yes, you are!

1 comment:

A family in Iowa. said...

So sorry that we'll miss you this weekend! :( We'll be in Chicago and would have loved to give you a hug on Sunday morning!! Anyway...sounds like you'll have a wonderful time!!!