September 8, 2011

This is for the one I love.

Today my heart is filled to over-flowing because of you. You didn’t do anything special this morning before you ran out the door trying to catch your express bus. We said a quick good-bye and I won’t see you until tonight after your class.

But you are always with me. You are always on my mind.

I picked up your t-shirt that you left in the bathroom on the floor and thought about you smiling in it. I love it when you smile....especially when it’s at me.

I decided to do some clean up in the kitchen and washed the pot you used to make soup yesterday and I felt warm thinking about you eating something nourishing that I made for you. I love taking care of you by providing wholesome things for you to eat. And I love that you will eat anything I make for you (except for that one dish!)- you just go with the flow when I am on my weird kicks.

I went into the den to catch the news and saw that your desk was clean and I know you did that for me so that I will work at it because you don’t want me to be a “hunchie” when I am 80. I love that you do that for me and take care of me in such practical and tangible ways. (By the way, I am writing this from our dining room table- I rarely, if ever, sit at the desk!).

This morning, I am remembering when our place was just a place but after nearly seven years it’s become a home. Our home.

It’s filled with countless memories. Dancing in the kitchen with only the music in our heads to move us. Reading to you while you iron your shirts for the week in the living room. Talking about our days in the den- you with your glass of wine and me with my sparkling water. Sharing the sink in the bathroom when we are both in a rush and me mumbling that we need a second bathroom and you saying that you always want to be close to me so we can only have one!

Of course, there are the sad memories of losing our babies here. I remember how you always kept watch over me, rearranging your complicated work schedule so you could be home with me. Have I told you just how much that meant to me?

It was around this time of year 15 years ago that we met on campus and my life has never been the same. And for that I am so very grateful because this love- your love, our love- well, this love has been so healing. And so freeing. And it’s been fun!

You're not perfect and neither am I, but we are perfect for each other. There are not enough "thank you's" I can offer up to GOD for giving you to me.

You, my love, are the sweetest thing I know. I love all of you.