November 17, 2009

Taking My Mind Off Things

I need to write about something that will take my mind off things, so I thought I would introduce you to our newest household appliance that we do not have room for:

It's a juicer- a really good one. Thanks to Simple Guy's reward points at work we got it for FREE! You can put anything you want in this and it will reduce it to pulp, literally. I just made a delicious apple-pear juice for myself and it was great.

Moving forward, I'll be learning how to make juices using kale, carrots, cucumber, ginger and other raw fruits and vegetables so that Simple Guy and I can start our day off right.

Maybe next time you are over at the Simpleton house I'll make you a kale-ginger-apple drink.....maybe......depends on how I am feeling that day, know what I mean?

Also, I thought I would tell you that last week I went to the Merchandise Mart sample sale and got an acrylic orange tray, frame, and organic cotton baby blanket all for $20- all that would have retailed for over $100. And Simple Guy made his own trip and picked up 8 organic cotton hats and 5 pairs of organic cotton socks for $11 and that all would have retailed for over $60. We like deals and I think we have a knack for finding them!

That's all for now......

November 15, 2009

It Hurts to Hurt

I know that someday the sharp pain of this will dull, but it's little comfort today.

This morning during worship at church we sang a song that had the phrase "empty me" in the chorus and it was so difficult to sing that because the reality is that I am already empty in the physical sense. My baby is gone- my belly is empty.

This loss is real. And there is no making sense of it; if only I could. It hurts to hurt.

If you read this and you believe in the power of prayer like I do, will you please pray that I will not lose sight of hope and that I will not become bitter. I don't want to become the kind of person who can't be happy for others in their season of joy; babies are a gift from God and should be celebrated. And I'll take any chance to celebrate these days.

November 14, 2009

Our Glory Baby

I had hoped to relaunch this blog with the exciting news that we were expecting, but there was a change of plans. We lost our sweet baby on Wednesday.

And we are heartbroken.

For an entire week we waffled between delighted disbelief, giggles, and glad anticipation of what the weeks and months to come held in store as we awaited the day we would get to meet our baby. For an entire week we felt the joy and experienced the wonderment that comes with the promise of life growing. To some, a week may seem too little time to fall in love, but it's more time than we ever needed to fall in love with our sweet baby.

And now we have a lifetime to know that our first baby is a glory baby being held in the arms of Jesus. Oh, how I wish I could have held our baby first, but my heart is at rest to know that my baby is with the One who gives life. And takes life.

This was indeed a change of plans for us, but we rest in the hope and promises of God as we look to the future. We take Him at His word that He works for the good of those who love Him. We believe His ways are better than ours.

And so I grieve with hope and the joy of knowing that for a brief time I was someone's mom; this, I know, can never be taken away.

He gives. He takes away. And we will praise Him no matter the circumstance.

"But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise YOU more and more." Psalm 71:14