September 24, 2012

GOD Truth #6: HE Has Not Forgotten You and HE Is Not Through With You Yet

This is part six of a seven series post that was born out of some very intentional time I took to walk the road of grief and longing, and sit in the place of despair and doubt. And I asked JESUS to meet me in my very broken place and to show me HIS goodness.

And HE did. Over and over HE did. And the more I looked for ways that HE is good, the more I found.

I call the things I learned about GOD in that season my GOD Truths. These are the very true things that GOD does and is to all of HIS children.

I know that my journey is meant to open the eyes, ears, and hearts of others to who GOD is. To draw them closer to their MAKER. To tell of HIS love for HIS people and HIS goodness throughout all the ages.

I walk the streets of my city and I see the strollers and the pregnant bellies and I can easily go to that place of “GOD has forgotten that I want a baby.”  Maybe for you it’s the same or it’s that HE has forgotten that you want a boyfriend/girlfriend or a husband/wife; or that you want that great job; or that you are struggling with a sickness and need healing for your body.  

Whatever it is, I know we all can be swayed to think that HE has forgotten us or that we are sitting on the sidelines while everyone else gets to play the game of life the way we want to.

Oh friends, let me tell you again and again that HE has not forgotten you.  

HE sees you.  HE knows you.  HE knows your every heart’s desire and HE is always, always, always working for your good.  

GOD is not your enemy.  HE is not the obstacle in the road that keeps you from getting what you want.  

HE is not withholding any good thing from you.  

No matter what pain or situation you are in, GOD has a purpose for it.  

Yes, you could have made poor choices that have found you where you are, but GOD has a purpose for it....for all of it.  
John 9:3 says “It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of GOD might be displayed in him.”

GOD is all-knowing, all-powerful, all-wise, and HE is all for you. 

There is a story being told- it’s your story- and GOD wants to use it to bring glory to HIS name and draw others closer to HIMSELF, including you.  Every day, every hour, HE is working out HIS good purposes for you.

HE has not forgotten you and HE is not through with you yet.

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