September 10, 2012

GOD Truth #1: HE Gives, HE Takes Away

This is part one of a seven series post that was born out of some very intentional time I took to walk the road of grief and longing, and sit in the place of despair and doubt. And I asked JESUS to meet me in my very broken place and to show me HIS goodness.

And HE did. Over and over HE did. And the more I looked for ways that HE is good, the more I found.
I call the things I learned about GOD in that season my GOD Truths. These are the very true things that GOD does and is to all of HIS children.

I know that my journey is meant to open the eyes, ears, and hearts of others to who GOD is. To draw them closer to their MAKER. To tell of HIS love for HIS people and HIS goodness throughout all the ages.

I have always had a special place in my heart for Job. Long before I even knew what it was to truly suffer, I had an appreciation for the story of Job. I suppose it is my melancholy side that finds me drawn to the darker side of life.

Job was a faithful servant of GOD, going so far as to make burnt offerings for his children every morning after the night of their feasts just in case they may have sinned or cursed GOD in their hearts.

Job lost his children and his wealth in one swoop and then just as he was grieving his losses, he was stricken with a horrible disease; his wife urged him to curse GOD and die; and his friends suggested that he must have sinned against GOD something awful to have such things happen to him.

And what strikes me the most about Job is his response to his suffering: “The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.”

This man just lost everything- his money, all his children, the respect and adoration of his wife, and he just found out his friends have really bad theology- and he wants to worship the LORD!

Don’t misunderstand, he still grieved something fierce but his worshipping GOD is so notable because he did it in his grief, not instead of it.

GOD has given my husband and I babies to rejoice over. We have felt the excitement of life growing in my womb and we thanked HIM for the gift of life HE created through us each time.

And GOD has taken away our babies. Each time after I have lost a baby one of the first things I long to do is be in corporate worship singing songs that speak to the power, love, and goodness of my LORD.

You see, the world tells me that I should be mad at GOD, that I should shake my fist, curse HIM, and walk away from HIM. Job did not curse GOD when he lost everything; instead, he worshipped HIM. And because of that, the worth of GOD was made known to all.

When we suffer- when we are grieved or longing for what was or what may never be- we must resist satan and hold tight to the goodness of GOD. Do not curse HIM in your sickness. Do not curse him in your grieving. Do not curse HIM in your longing or waiting.

Worship HIM and bless HIS name.

The LORD gave to me and then HE took away from me, and I still say “Blessed be the name of the LORD.”

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Never Alone said...

Amen and well written my friend.