September 25, 2012

GOD Truth #7: HE Is Our Greatest Treasure

This is part seven of a seven series post that was born out of some very intentional time I took to walk the road of grief and longing, and sit in the place of despair and doubt. And I asked JESUS to meet me in my very broken place and to show me HIS goodness.

And HE did. Over and over HE did. And the more I looked for ways that HE is good, the more I found.

I call the things I learned about GOD in that season my GOD Truths. These are the very true things that GOD does and is to all of HIS children.

I know that my journey is meant to open the eyes, ears, and hearts of others to who GOD is. To draw them closer to their MAKER. To tell of HIS love for HIS people and HIS goodness throughout all the ages.

I have wanted to be a mommy for as long as I can remember.  Every day I long for some part of motherhood to come true for me.  Every day.  

I see a pregnant belly and I wish it was mine.  I see a woman nursing and I want to do that.  I see a family at the park and I want that for Jason and I.  

I think about the joy a baby would bring into our lives and very quickly that baby is on a pedestal assuming a higher position in my life than CHRIST does.  

A baby is not my greatest treasure.  JESUS is.  

I may never have a baby, but I will always, always have JESUS.

And because HE is my greatest treasure everything that I must endure in this life- losing babies included- is worth it because it draws me closer to HIM.

Romans 8:28  “And we know that for those who love GOD all things work together for good, for those who are called according to HIS purpose.” 

GOD’s purpose for your life- no matter what place you are in now- is a good purpose. 

I don’t know what the rest of my story will be.  I may not ever become a mother to children who are born from my own womb- this is very likely- and I grieve this deeply.  Every year that we go without having a child of our own in our arms, we see friends and family have babies of their own.    

And when I ask “Why them and not us?” HE reminds me that it’s all for HIS purposes and that I am where I am because it is where HE wants me to be and it is all for my good.  

And HE points me back to HIMSELF- back to the majesty of HIM; the sufficiency of HIM; the sheer awesomeness of HIM; and the treasure that is HIM.

Oh gosh, I am not trying to blow sunshine in your face, to make you think if you just accept these truths into your own life that suddenly your pain and your waiting for the things you hope for and desire will get easier.  

No, I don’t want to do that.  

I don’t want to cheapen your hurts and your longings and reduce them to “problems” that can be solved if you just insert one of these truths into it.

What I want to do is to point you back to the ONE who is the AUTHOR of it all and to remind you that HE is good.  

HE is good in your pain and hurt; HE is good in your grief and sorrow; HE is good in your longing and waiting; HE is good in your sickness; HE is good in it all.

And nothing can separate you from the love of your FATHER.  Every day HE is pursuing you and every day HE wants to manifest in you HIS goodness.

HE is your greatest treasure because you are made alive with CHRIST.  HE is your greatest treasure because by grace you have been saved.  

And until JESUS returns or you take your last breath, HIS banner over you is love and HIS plans for your life are good.

HE gives, HE takes away; HE is unchanging; HE is sovereign over all things; He gives beauty for ashes; He promises HIMSELF; HE has not forgotten you and HE is not through with you; and HE is your greatest treasure.

Believe in the goodness of GOD and pray that HE would give you the conviction to believe that HE is good.

Believe that everything HE does in your life is good.

Humble yourselves and repent of all the times you have found fault with HIM in the way HE has treated you.

Be satisfied with the will of GOD for it is holy and perfect.  Do not resist it.  Do not resent it.

Taste and see that HE is good.  

Because GOD, and HIS great love for you, is good.

Oh LORD, that you would find us faithful in our journeys; that we would not for one minute doubt YOUR goodness or YOUR sovereignty; that we would seek YOU and find YOU; that more than being married, or having a baby, health, or anything else, we would want YOU; that we would dwell with YOU in our valleys and still dance even when our hearts are breaking, our souls are longing, our arms are empty; and our bodies hurting; that we would be thankful for the work YOU have done, will do, and are promising to do until our last breath; and that we would not wish our journeys away, but rather, be willing servants of our KING to proclaim that YOU alone satisfy and are worthy and that YOU, o LORD, alone are good.  Amen.

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