September 11, 2012

GOD Truth #2: HE Is Unchanging

This is part two of a seven series post that was born out of some very intentional time I took to walk the road of grief and longing, and sit in the place of despair and doubt. And I asked JESUS to meet me in my very broken place and to show me HIS goodness.

And HE did. Over and over HE did. And the more I looked for ways that HE is good, the more I found.

I call the things I learned about GOD in that season my GOD Truths. These are the very true things that GOD does and is to all of HIS children.

I know that my journey is meant to open the eyes, ears, and hearts of others to who GOD is. To draw them closer to their MAKER. To tell of HIS love for HIS people and HIS goodness throughout all the ages.

We can fall into the trap of thinking that GOD must not like us; or that HE is not looking out for us or that HE has forgotten us when things happen in our lives that we do not like or anticipate.  

But the reality is that HE is unchanging and who HE is and HIS promises to us do not change even when our circumstances do.

You do not get the job you wanted.  You are still waiting for that special someone to come along.  Your body is not responding to treatments.  You lose someone you love.  For me, it’s not having a baby in my arms.

After we lost our fifth baby, I took a year to allow my body and my heart to heal- I was depleted in all the ways you can imagine.  And then this past spring when I found out I was pregnant for a sixth time, I felt certain that GOD had used the past year to prepare us for the gift HE was going to give us come this November- a baby to hold in our arms.

On April 19, I was pregnant with our sixth baby and did not know the fate of my baby, but I knew that:

GOD loves me and my husband; 
that HE is working all things together for our good 
because HE is good.

On April 20, we heard the words “There is no heartbeat.”  I left that appointment with more questions than answers, but I also left knowing that:

GOD loves me and my husband; 
that HE is working all things together for our good 
because HE is good.

I can see now that HE used the past year to prepare my heart for the loss of our sixth baby.  HE showed HIS goodness to me in that way.

My circumstances had changed. But HE did not.  

HE is who HE says HE is and HE does what HE says HE will. 

HE is the same in my happiness as HE is in my sorrow.  HE is the same in your contentment as HE is in your restlessness.  HE is the same in your health as HE is in your sickness.  HE is the same in our satisfaction as HE is in our longing.

GOD does not change nor do HIS promises to us as HIS children. 

I like how John Piper puts it, “Nothing in all creation takes HIM off guard and backs HIM into a corner where HE might have to act out of character or compromise HIS integrity.” 

And James 1:17 says, "With HIM there is no variation or shadow due to change.”  

The circumstances of our lives are ever-changing, but HE is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  

When nothing in your life stays the same, HE does.

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