January 5, 2008

Boots and Bread

I am now the proud owner of a pair of Hunter Wellies (www.hunterboots.com)- the same boots worn by the Royal Family when they go hunting and galavanting in the English hills. I received my Pumpkin Wellies in the mail on Thursday and immediately put them on and took them out to dinner- Jason came, too. Aren’t they great? Gosh, I love my orange Wellies!

And today I ate the last piece of the most delicious whole wheat bread that Gabe (Naomi’s younger sister) baked and sent with Naomi from North Dakota. Ever since last Saturday, I have been enjoying a slice drizzled with honey each morning, so it is with culinary sadness that I post this picture of the last slice of the award-winning bread that Gabe made for us.

Thanks for the bread Gabe! I sure do wish I could pick up another loaf at my local grocer’s….perhaps you should begin on-line ordering!


Anonymous said...

augh!! i love the orange boots!!

and maybe it's cruel to tell you this, but when i got home, there was fresh bread.

Anonymous said...

from nome ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Justine! I'm so happy you enjoyed the bread! I was hoping you would. I'll try to get some more to you sometime soon. love you and Jason both! God bless you!


Farm-Raised said...

LOVE the boots!!!!!!