January 23, 2008

Our Home

I thought it would be fun to post some pictures of our place, especially since some of you have not had the chance to come out and see it.

Here is our bedroom- we tried to make it calm and soothing to the senses.

This particular piece Jason commissioned from our friend, Melissa, as a wedding present to me. The night of our wedding, I walked into what had become “our place” and there it was hanging on the wall. It is a rendering of he and I embracing.

This is our living/dining room. The art pieces on the walls were done by local artists- we are big fans of original art here at the Pucker house.

See those green boxes? Those are the boxes I keep some of my cards in. We would like to get a larger piece of furniture to go on the wall where the skinny console is because it needs a more substantial piece of funriture. Ah yes, there are always things we want!

The small chair against the wall belonged to Grandma and Grandpa Palm (Jason’s maternal grandparents); we had it reupholstered because the turquoise color it was originally did not exactly go with the rest of what we had going on in this room. And my orange Wellies each have an orange chair to sit on when they are not on my feet!

We purchased everything in this room, expect for the dining table; that came from my mom. It is the table I grew up with- my dad designed it and had it custom built out of butcher block in the 70’s.

Here is the kitchen- where all the magic happens!

This is where I beat my head against the stainless steel countertops trying to figure out what to make for dinner because (surprise, surprise) I’ve only a sweet potato, some pea pods, and a half eaten can of soup to offer tonight to my famished husband! Ah yes, the kitchen, where determined (and sometimes hesitant) chef meets semi-stocked refrigerator and cupboards. Some of my most famous creations have been homemade mac n’ cheese; herbed turkey burgers; “fancy” salad (field greens, goat cheese, dried cranberries, pears, and walnuts with olive oil and balsamic vinegar drizzled on top); and anything that is baked, like chocolate chip cookies, brownies and carrot cake- all from scratch, of course!

And this is our den, the room I wrote about a few blogs ago because it is our favorite place to be.

The couch was purchased by Jason when he was a swingin’ bachelor; it was his first major purchase upon moving to Chicago. That is where I spend most of my time on my computer. See the storage trunk? That’s where half of my business supplies are kept- I like to call it my business center.

That's Jason's desk- it does not always look that neat. Sorry honey, but I have to be honest!

I hope you enjoyed the tour!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the virtual tour even though I know your place very well. You and Jason have done a fantastic job of making your place a warm, cozy and very classy home.
Love, Mom

Bella said...

yes, indeed! it looks like a model home--flawless. can i bring my cats over? j/k :-)

e.b. forsberg