January 27, 2008

Another Business Update

I thought I would share that in the past couple of weeks I have gotten my cards into three more stores and lined up three clients for wedding invitations. If you are keeping track, that means that I now have my cards in 5 stores and have 5 more to go to meet my goal of 10 by the end of winter!

I met with a bride-to-be this afternoon to discuss her wedding invitations, which I am very excited to report will feature the color green, one of my favorite colors! She is a hoot, this bride-to-be, and I feel very fortunate that as of yet, all of my brides have been such fun to work with!

I am looking to plan another card open house in the next several weeks and those are always so much fun because it is not very often that we have 10 or so people in our house at one time. Another reason why I love card open houses.......I get to bake! Yummmmmmmmmy!

If you would like to host a card party at your home, give me a call. As a thank you for hosting, I'll give you a "thank you" gift and 10% of the total sales from your party in free cards/note card sets. I know a card party sounds a little weird, but trust me, people love coming to them because 1) they need to buy cards somewhere 2) they get to socialize and 3) they get to eat yummy treats!

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