January 12, 2008

Business Update

I am excited to report that I have meetings to show my cards to four more stores in Chicago! Two are baby boutiques and one is a specialty gift shop- looks like my promo packets that I mailed out several weeks ago are now reaping some benefits. I'll keep you posted if they agree to sell my cards.

In the mean time, I just sent out more promo packets to stores in Lake Geneva and another one in Fond du Lac, and am still scouting out shops in Chicago and may be looking at Door County next. I have set a lofty goal for myself to get 10 stores selling my cards by the end of winter. So far I have two currently selling my cards, four meetings to show my cards, and am waiting to hear back from 7 other stores to see if I can get a meeting.

If you know of a business near you that you think would be a good place for me to sell my cards, please let me know....I'd love to send a "thank you" gift to you if your suggestion becomes my next client!

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Farm-Raised said...

Hey -- There was a brand new stationary shop opening up in Roscoe Village just before we left. It's on Roscoe, close to Western. I can't think of the name, but I'm wondering if you've tried there yet. :)