January 4, 2008

Feeling Sad Today

Our dear friend Naomi went back to North Dakota yesterday and ever since I dropped her off at the train station I have been feeling sad. It was so nice to have her here and it is so sad to not have her here anymore. But as Grandma always says, "You have to leave in order to come back." While those words are little consolation for the gloominess of an empty den, it's nice to know that someday (hopefully soon!) we will see each other again.

Here are some pictures that Naomi took on her new camera and sent to me from her time here in Chicago.

We went shopping one afternoon and Jason and Naomi looked for shoes

I baked cookies and Nome took this very artisitic photo of them cooling off

Naomi took some pictures off our living/dining room- isn't she good at taking pictures?

Here is a picture of Jason and then me and Naomi after our last dinner on the eve before Nome's departure

Jason took this picture of Naomi and I outside in a winter snowfall- do you think we look like sisters?
We had a great time with you, Nome! Come back soon....or we'll see you somewhere between here and NoDakia!


Anonymous said...

it was a sad day for me, too. :(


Anonymous said...

...and yes, we do still look like sisters!

n. (again)

Anonymous said...

today is even MORE sad...i miss you. alot.