May 12, 2008

I Heart Herbs

It's true I do. Mostly basil, but I'm not one to snub to cilantro, oregano, or spearmint. This is a blog about keeping it simple- doing things in a simple manner and enjoying the simple things in life. Having an herb garden of my own in my urban abode has been a simple thing in life that I have wanted to enjoy for a few weeks now.

It seems charming to be able to clip a few leaves of my own home-grown basil for a tomato salad. Have you seen the movie "Baby Boom" with Diane Keaton? I love that movie and what I love most about it is the idea that a city girl can move to the country and live a charmed life in an old house and pluck apples from her own orchard trees. The fact that she turns her apples into a multi-million dollar food empire never passes me either....heck, I am a capitalist!

So today I ventured out and brought home itty, bitty seeds for basil and cilantro and planted them in chartreuse green pots, hoping that the green will inspire the seeds to grow, Grow, GROW!

Despite having a mother who can grow anything, anywhere, I do not believe I am a natural gardener or botanist, so this is a leap of faith for me and the seeds. Fortunately, Simple Guy knows a thing or two about plants and such, so he may need to step in if/when things turn sour. But seriously, can you kill basil?

As my little herb garden grows, I'll give you picture updates.


betty said...

I'm so happy that one of my children isn't afraid of a little dirt! Why I love it, I do not know, as my mom (your meme)had a plastic cauliflower as a centerpiece on the kitchen table (I'm not kidding). That was as close to anything green I encountered growing up. I know you will be successful, just don't overwater, that is the number one mistake of novice gardeners. And, by the way, I do make emergency house calls if your basil goes into cardiac arrest!!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

i'd like to think that this country girl has had a bit of an influence on your desire for some green in the house and a little dirt on your hands....? ;)