December 15, 2007

Our Favorite Place to Be

Tonight Simple Guy and I are tucked away in our little den in the sky (we live on the 10th floor) overlooking the white-washed city and knowingly nodding to each other that we are glad to be safe and warm inside. Simple Guy is working and I am making candy (toffee and peppermint bark). I love these nights- when we are home together and doing our thing in the glow of our Christmas tree and a few carefully selected lamps. I am all about the lighting.

The den is our favorite room in our place; it has the best view and the coziest feel than any other room in #10H. I have many memories sitting in this den of ours……laughing with friends and family on the phone; hearing for the first time that a shop owner loved my cards and wanted to sell them in their store; listening to Simple Guy sing his way through working a long night; checking in on friends and family who have stayed a night or two (or seven or eight if you are Naomi!) because this is also our guest room; and sweet times with God when I am alone.

Our home is a haven and our den is our landing pad. It’s where Simple Guy and I do life together. One day we will move from this place and I am already wishing we could pack up the den along with our dishes and paintings. I have already decided that our next den will be painted the same color as this den- Sherwin Williams Tanbark; it’s the only way we can take our favorite place with us no matter where we go next.

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Anonymous said...

Haha...the whole time I was reading this, I was thinking, "Oh yeah! I love my room!"

No worries, I'll be home soon...