December 16, 2007

Simple Guy: Part II

I get a kick out of Simple Guy. Our life together is scarcely dull, but rather filled with impromptu singing and dancing, lists of things to do, and shared mochas from Caribou and lattes from Starbucks. I feel so blessed that our journey started out on a long and winding path of being friends for over 7 years before we began to date. I believe that it is our strong foundation of friendship that keeps us having so much fun and enjoying each other’s company.

Sometimes, in the quiet of my heart, I thank God for the chance just to know Simple Guy; to know this man of honor and integrity; this man of virtues; this man of abundant joy; this man of compassion and tenderness; this man of God. Just to know him is a blessing, so you can imagine how it must feel to be married to him!

Honey, the world is a better place because you are in it. My life is better because you are in it. My cup overfloweth.

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