July 7, 2008

Thirty.....Oh What a Weekend!

That's right all, I turned 30 this Sunday! And what a weekend of celebration it was......I'll tell you all about it.

On Friday, Simple Guy and I picked up my mother-in-love from the train station and whisked her off for afternoon treats in our building courtyard and then we walked for coffee. Friday night dinner was simple (this is, after all, the Simple Household) and then off we went to see this:

It was fabulous! And then we had dessert at the Italian Village. The silky chocolate mousse we had there was straight from heaven.

Saturday morning was kicked off with a trip to Starbuck's and then off to the farmer's market we went, where sugar snap peas and plump tomatoes awaited their doom- to be put in my sack and taken home for immediate comsumption! =)

After lunch, we went shopping and came home with some great (and unexpected) deals. And then it was time to get ready, for this night we were dining here:

We (myself, Simple Guy, my mom, and my mother-in-love) feasted on succulent shrimp in butter and garlic to wet our appetites for what was to come next: our own entrees. Everyone had something different and everyone enjoyed what they had. And then came dessert- a perfect creme puff sandwished between vanilla ice cream and smothered in the most decadent fudge sauce I have ever tasted (er, shamelessly shoved in my mouth without taking a break until it was all gone!).

On Sunday, I awoke next to Simple Guy and laid with a smile on my face as he sweetly mumbled in his morning fog "Happy Birthday." And then at 7:47am I turned 30!

And that night, we drove to my mom's and had dinner and you guessed it, more dessert- this time coffee ice cream and fudgy brownies.

And so tonight, in celebration of turning 30 and eating desserts three nights in a row, I went to the gym and here I sit not feeling guilty at all for ringing in my third decade with all those tasty treats.

My thanks to: Simple Guy, mom, Grandma, Cindy and Paul, Pam, Bob, Stacey and Bob, Matt and Ryan, Naomi, Chuck and Alice, Gabe, Erika, and Uncle Bob for the birthday cards.

And a special thanks to the Montaniez family for their singing message on my cell phone- I loved it!

I have to say, I had a very big smile on my face when this card came in the mail:

Who knew that the peeps in Hamden ND (this is the town where Naomi is from) had their own line of greeting cards?!

Well, now it's time for bed......I am 30 now, so it is now a rule that I must not make it to the 10pm news anymore......you know, because I am 30!


Liz said...

Happy Birthday Simple Lady!!! I did not know it was your birthday on Sunday, otherwise I would have been more careful to not scare you and Simple Guy in front of Starbucks that morning. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay..the Hampden card made the blog! Alice had so much fun choosing it and was nice enough to let me write you a short message..you are worthy of celebration! E