July 15, 2008

Music Moves Me

Music has always moved me- I learn best through music. Some of my deepest understandings of who God is has come from beautiful hymns and worship songs. Music can instantly take me to a place I have been or replay a memory for me. I love music and am so thankful that it exists.

I think we can learn a lot about a person by listening to the music they like and if you were to listen to the songs on my play list at the bottom of this blog, you would get a glimpse into what makes me.

Amy Grant
I love Amy Grant (click here to read more about why I love her so much).......I love her unconditionally. She puts a record out, I am buying it. I am not a huge fan of her "Baby, Baby" days of music- I much prefer her music from the days of "Lead Me On" and I love "Behind the Eyes"- but when you love someone unconditionally, you love them no matter how bubble-gum their music can be at times!

So it's no surprise that she shows up on my play list the most. Her rendition of "El Shaddai" is beautiful. "Gabriel's Oboe" is from her last Christmas album and we played it as part of our wedding ceremony- I love how haunting it is, but not in a creepy way.

I didn't realize just how much I like Coldplay's music until I heard this song as part of someone's video montage. I think I'll pull out Jason's Coldplay CD that he bought eons ago and give it a listen again.

Bebo Norman
When I think about Bebo Norman's music, I immediately go back to my life in MN and my alma mater. I was in MN when Bebo first hit the Christian music scene and he was on fire with college students and young 20-somethings. I booked him for a concert at our alma mater when I was working there and had the chance to talk to him before the concert. What a down-to-earth guy- there was nothing pretentious about this man.
I chose "Great Light of the World" as my Bebo selection because I have a vivid memory of him and his guitar on a dark stage at a differnt concert with nothing but one bright spotlight on him belting this song out like no one was there listening to him- like it was just him and God.

Who doesn't like U2? I mean, seriously, there is a song for everyone when it comes to U2! I feel like U2 has always been in my life and although I do not own a single CD of theirs, I still love to listen to them. It's their lyrics- they are dripping with meaning. Listen closely to "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" and you may just walk away with a beter understanding about what it is they are trying to say through this song.

Watermark is another all-time favorite. No one's music moves me like Watermark's. Their music ushers me into a state of worship immediately. This is another group that I will buy their CD without giving it a preview listen. The song I chose would not have been my first pick because me and this song do not have a story like some of their other songs. But from the stance of listening to words that serve as a gentle reminder that none of us is worthy of God's love, this sure is the best one!

Chris Rice
Chris Rice is like an old pair of sweats- comfortable and well-worn. I go back and forth on Chris Rice because sometimes his stuff his hoaky to me, but this particular song evokes strong memories of my dear Naomi for reasons still unbeknownst to me. Maybe it's because if anyone is going to appreciate kicking off their shoes, sitting on a porch and watching a fly close enough to know it just hit a screen and tumbled down, it's Nome!

Michael Buble
Really, I am not a huge fan of Michael Buble- I mean, I appreciate his music and all, but I am not a fan per se. I just love the song "Home." It makes me think of me and Simple Guy when we are apart- doesn't matter what or whom is around us, we just want to be together. Also, the CD that this particular song is on ususally is our backgroun music when we have company over.

Moody Blues
I grew up listening to the Moody Blues, but not by choice at first! I thought they were horrible, this coming from a pre-teen who thought Tiffany was the best singer in the world! My aunt and her husband at the time would always listen to them when we were in the car and I feel like my mom listened to them, too.
Anyway, my very first CD was the Moody Blues and "Nights in White Satin" became a favorite. I just had to include it to pay homage to the first group I ever listened to on my pink CD player!

I was introduced to Enya my sophomore year of college and to this day cannot find a better CD to relax or fall asleep to! One person in particular (whom shall remain nameless....you know who you are!) thinks her music is creepy, but I don't think so. Neither does Simple Guy......we fall asleep to this very CD each night!

Everything But the Girl
My cousin Melissa gave me my one and only Everything But the Girl CD years ago and I immediately took to them. I chose this song because, once again, it reminds me of Simple Guy and just how much I miss him when he leaves.

There are so many artists/groups that I like/love, these being just a few:
Alaina Davis
Sara Groves
Shane and Shane
Alanis Morisette

What about you- what music do you love?

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e damschen said...

i just have to tell you, justine, that i love, love, love music. and you MUST listen to needtobreathe. they are my FAV, and they remind me of U2 (my secular fave). try out their album "the heat" and let me know what you think.