July 18, 2008


I am very curious to know who is reading my blog these days. I know some of the usual suspects (my mom, Simple Guy's mom, Naomi, Liz, Leslie, etc.) but who else checks out my blog and reads what I have to say?

So in an effort to lure you out of secrecy, I am going to hold a contest. Whomever posts a comment on this blog by 9pm tomorrow night will be entered in a contest to win a set of customized note cards with your monogram on the front. That's right folks- I'll send you FREE personalized stationary! How chic to have your own set of monogrammed note cards to send as thank you notes, thinking of you notes, please return my CD's since you had them for almost three months notes, etc.

So comment away.....oh, and no pressure to write a long comment.....maybe just introduce yourself to me and the rest of the readers and we will all get acquainted and live as one big blog family.


A family in Iowa. said...

bring on the stationary!! you know i'm a fan of your work!!


Liz said...

Oh man! You do this to me on a weekend I am out of town and not regularly checking blogs! That was mean! :)
I'll still keep reading though.

michelle said...

no fair! i was out of town too and i'm one of the readers you didn't mention in your post! :) but it's ok, i will keep reading anyway.