July 22, 2008


Okay, okay.....I heard your pleas and feel your disappointment. Some of you were out of town or stepped away from your computers for 24 hours plus, so I am doing a contest redo......but now you have to work for it!

Each person who comments on this blog will be entered to win a set of personalized monogram note cards, but your comment must feature one of these items:

1. First rememberance of meeting me- when was it; where did it take place; what did we talk about; what was I wearing (just kidding), etc.


2. Where was your first kiss.....no need to say with whom unless they are or were a celebrity


3. Your secret indulgence.....which, I realize, will no longer be a secret once you post it here, but hey, we're all one big blog family!

You have until the next time I post something to enter my contest, and while your comments will not be judged, they will be read and a clever answer may just win you an extra special place in my heart.

To keep the contest fair, Simple Guy will draw a number to determine the winner.

Ready? Set. Go!


Liz said...

Yeah for a redo! I'm going to be an over-achiever and answer all the questions. That's just who I am.
1. My first remembrance of meeting you was at Hannah's house on our first night of small group. You were probably wearing sweats because it was a Sunday night and most of us showed up in sweats. I am pretty sure that we talked about 'Captivating' that night, that was the purpose after all, and I bet we shared a little of our life stories. You probably challenged someone on something (in love, of course) and I was probably afraid that you'd do it to me too but at the same time knew I wanted to get to know you better and be your friend.
2. First kiss - Still waiting!
3. Secret indulgence - I don't know if this is really a secret but I love shoes! I also love to eat ice cream out of a carton. And, I LOVE to get pedicures!!

e damschen said...

justine, not commenting so much for the contest (although your notecards are a FABULOUS prize)...just want you to know i check in regularly. i enjoy your thoughts and the connection they bring. as for the questions...

my "secret" indulgence would have to be the amount of food i eat. i have everyone at the office fooled, but i can easily consume half a papa john's large, an entire chipotle burrito (plus a few chips), and many other LARGE helpings of foods that are bad for me. also, i am WAY more attached to "so you think you can dance" than i would care to really admit.

the first time i remember talking to you was after i had moved in and you came home from work early...i was terrified! i felt like an invader, but you were so kind...we talked about oprah! you were wearing a very smart-looking ensemble (maybe a cardigan and dress pants) :)

A family in Iowa. said...

secret indulgence: reality televison. oy.

A family in Iowa. said...

secret indulgence: reality televison. oy.

michelle said...

yay! thanks for giving us a second chance! :) hmm, let's see: secret indulgence....maybe game shows like jeopardy and wheel of fortune. anything that takes some brain power, not just the dumb ones where people do silly stuff.

Anonymous said...

hmmm...first time i met you was probably in the student center at nwc. you were the "other" girl. ;)and that was WAY too long ago to remember what you were wearing!
but my first memory of having a really good conversation with you was at south campus. jason was cooking upstairs and i came down to "check" on you. :) little did i know that that conversation would be the first of many, many more to come over the years.

love you much, friend.


Anonymous said...

Ok, i'm a little late but, better late than never!!! I met Justine when i was 8, just 3 mo after my brother was born. i think she was wearing her birthday suit. i remember looking at the two infant cousins thinking how closely they resembled aliens. no, seriously, i believe it was then that i realized what a strong nurturing ability i possessed. i thought they looked completely adorable together! Fast forward 10 years to when Justine was a young girl.......one day she presents me with a letter full of love and compliments of wanting to be like me when she grew up. Well, so many years have passed and not only am i thankful for our bond, but i benefit so much her strengths as we both experience life as adults.
My 1st kiss was with Stephen D. in his basement during 8th grade. He had braces and i was very disappointed after anticipating so much more enjoyment, especially since there was so much hype!!!!
i was hoping to keep my secret indulgence private but, here goes nothing.........it's having a pedicure on the beach in Maui while drinking a glass of Syrah during a conversation about the effects of global warming on the giant panda population in china with Johnny Depp.......oops, i just figured out that an indulgence is something one must enjoy without others knowing on a somewhat regular basis.... mine must be a secret dream! My bad!
Later y'all,

Aunt Cindy said...

You were a beautiful, perfect new born baby (2 days old)! Heaven must have been missing an angel!

betty said...

Well, I can top everyone's "first time I met you" list - as I was the absolute very first person to meet you at exactly 7:47 a.m. on July 6, 1978! You were beautiful then as you are now. The first thing you did after the mandatory cry was thrust your thumb into your mouth!
Don't know if this is a secret indulgence but I really enjoy sneaking away from responsibilites and going to a movie all by myself! I did that on Labor Day-went and saw Woody Allen's "Vicky Cristina Barcelona". Oh yes, I have to confess that I could eat a whole container (quart size) of coffee ice cream at one sitting!! Really!
Hugs, Mom