April 27, 2008

Waging War

I am tired of seeing so many billboards, clothes, video games, movies, TV shows, etc. that are, in my very opinionated opinion, socially irresponsible.

Do we really need to see half-dressed women seductively looking at the camera holding a drink all for the sake of getting us to buy that particular beverage? Is it all together appropriate for little girls to wear shirts that declare them "Divas in Training" or for men to wear shirts that say "I like them big and firm"? Do we really need more movies or TV shows about gangsters and sexually active teeenagers. What redeeming qualities do any of these things bring out in the human race?

But what I am really ticked off about today is a gargantuan billboard in our neighborhood promoting a horribe offender of social responsibility- Grandtheft Auto IV. Answer me this: Does it add up to arm our police officers with more powerful weaponry so they can keep our streets safe in what is being called a crime epidemic here in our city only to have a large advertisement of a man holding a machine gun as he personifies the image of a violent criminal in a horrible computer game that is being marketed to the very age group that commit most of the crime?

Did I mention that this billboard is a mere two blocks away from a school? Am I the only one who sees the problem here?

I mean it, I am ****** off. And I am calling my alderman to complain about this. I am waging war against socially irrepsonsible billboards in my neighborhood. Freedom of speech has gone way too far when we are trying to stop violence only to promote it in the form of entertainment.

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