April 3, 2008

Just Don't Know What to Say....

....or write. That's why I have been so quiet on my blog. My apologies to those of you (my mom and mother-in-love) who frequent this multiple times a day- I am certain that staring at my entry on granola is less than thrilling.

Oh, but I do have something to share....my physician said I have outstanding good cholesterol (the highest it could be!) and very low bad cholesterol. Apparently, even though I am a sucker for anything sweet and have a few pounds to lose, I am extremely healthy and should easily live another 50 or so years if all goes well.

I attribute my good health to 1) genes; 2) eating plenty of raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts; and 3) indulging in chocolate (preferably dark) whenever I please.


Betty said...

Ah, you know me well - this is probably the fifth time today I've checked your blog and I if I had to see your "granola post" one more time, well, I would have called to see if you're okay!! I am very involved/worried about Tricia - as you know she's in ICU and we're hoping and praying she doesn't reject her new lungs!

betty said...

Oops, forgot to mention that I'm glad you're healthy - and thanks for attributing some of it to genes! (Chocolate rocks!!)
Love, Mom

kfu said...

Yay for a good check up and yay for the card party next weekend! Can't wait to see you!!

Farm-Raised said...

I miss you! There's got to be something to say!!


betty said...

Yes, I agree with Leslie.