April 17, 2008

I Remember When....

  • Stamps were 19 cents
  • Buying gas for $1.01 a gallon seemed a bit pricey
  • Full House and The Cosby Show were on prime time television
  • You actually had to get up to change the channel
  • Boom boxes were totally rad! I had a pink one!
  • CD's were cutting edge- my first one was The Moody Blues
  • Walkmans were the ultimate exercise companions, only to be upstaged by the portable CD players
  • Jazzercise was a movement among women and leotards, leg warmers, and sweat bands were not costume fare, but what people really wore
  • Kool-Aid commercials ran on TV frequently
  • Peach, mauve, and teal were THE colors of choice in home decor- although I never lived in a home that had those colors.....thanks mom!
  • Going to Nordstrom's was the ultimate shopping experience- it still is pretty cool!
  • The Gipper was in office and he was somewhat dreamy to look at (this coming from the girl who had a crush on Abraham Lincoln in grade school!)
  • The Gulf War seemed like the end of the world
  • You could buy a new car for $1500- I only remember that because for a while I thought it was $15.00 and I wanted to buy my mom a new car with my allowance
  • New Kids on the Block were hot and worthy enough for me to miss going out with my friends so I could watch their concert live on TV....by the way, I do not support their getting back together- we do not need more cheesy, lovesick music
  • Starbucks? What's Starbucks?

What do you remember?


betty said...

Well, when I was a kid you could go the movies for 50 cents (25 cents for admission and 25 cents for popcorn and a coke!) TV's were black and white, no such thing as computers. Elvis was alive and rockin, could go on and on but I'm at work and I have to go into a meeting!

Liz said...

I remember when Atari was the coolest thing ever! We finally got one about the time Nintendo was cool. :)