March 7, 2008

Something Old, Yet New

Remember this picture?

Remember how I commented that we wanted a more substantial piece of furniture on the back of the wall? Maybe something with a bit of storage to ease the burden of constantly trying to find one more nook to put something away in or on?

Oh, how we love a good hunt and oh, how we love the fabulous store, Scout. For there we have found many a treasure, including an 8 foot tall slendor mirror from the 60's, and there is where we found this:

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to the Simple guy and girl's household's latest addition- our very own stripped metal cabinet....we have waited months for this....and it has waited 50 or so years for us! And did you notice the storage that comes with this baby? Yippee!

Bringing this piece of furniture into our home really epitomozes our philosophy, if you will, on interior design. We are big on mixing the old with the new. I like how an older piece of furniture or other artifact can bring a sense of humanity to a room. Furnishings are more lovely when they have a past. There is beauty in age.

And while we are on the subject of interior design- it has to be said, I don't care for sets. Meaning, you won't find me picking out a bedroom set or dining room set. I like to mix and match....that's the short end of it. No offense to those of you who do like sets- we all have our own tastes and that's what makes the world go round!

Well there you have it- you got another peek into the Simple house and a little interior design blabber.


Farm-Raised said...

Perfect! Now can you come over and help me decorate? You're goooood!!!!


Mom said...

It's perfect - funky, clean lines and more storage - what more could one ask for!!! Wish we could have seen your new piece of furniture in person last night, but Pat and Vanna had other plans for us. Oh, excuse me, if anyone is reading this, not to be a name dropper but that's Pat Sajak and Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune!!! We will be in audience on the April 30th show!