March 24, 2008

Simple Things Make a Difference

I am by no means a fanatical environmentalist, but I do believe I have a responsibility to help protect our natural resources and conserve when I can. Here are just a few things I do to be more eco-friendly:

This morning as I brushed my teeth for the suggested two minutes my dentist tells me to do, I turned the water off and waited until it was time to rinse to turn it back on. I do the same when I shave my legs! Was that too much information?

When I go shopping this afternoon I'll be taking along a couple of my reusable grocery bags so that I do not bring home more plastic or paper bags that I do not need.

If I can walk instead of drive to run my errands, I do. What a great way to get exercise, take in the scenery, and save on gas that now costs $3.55/gallon.

I am educating myself on buying locally grown food. This supports my neighbors and cuts down on the price of fuel to transport food.

I am also looking into cleaning only with natural products, such as lemons and baking soda. I clean all of our windows and mirrors with vinegar and water and pass on the Windex. Does anyone out there have any "recipes" for these cleaning solutions?

How about you, what do you do to be eco-friendly?

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