March 2, 2008

Desperately Seeking Water

Lately, I've been feeling spiritually dry and it really is all my fault. It's been a while since I read my Bible, took time to pray alone, or spent any time being quiet and alone with God. I am desperately seeking water- the kind of water that quenches the thirst that only comes with pursuing God and the only water that feeds the soul.

To be completely honest, I have somewhat reveled in my spiritual laziness because it has allowed me more time to work on my to-do lists. But who cares about those silly lists, I mean really, do they make me a better person? Do they grow and mature me? Do they equip me to be a more loving wife, daughter, or friend?

And you know what, I am so over all those devotional books that try to help you be this or that or any book that forces me to focus on one area of my life. Give me the Bible and a few good novels to crawl into bed with- now that would do me a world of good!

When I was in college, most of the adults around me promoted daily 30 minute devotionals and said that if we did any less.....well, they did not dare say what would happen if we did any less. Guess what...I am over that, too! Devotional on a stick; devotional buffet; devotional a la carte; however you package it I am bored with it and tired of being put in a devotional box.

I am desperately seeking water. I know my search is not in vain nor will it leave me unsatisfied.

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