March 15, 2008

Weekend at the Simpletons'

What does this weekend have in store for Simple Guy and Girl?

-Simple Guy works from home and Simple Girl works on her own things
-Simple Guy and Girl take a walk to get some coffee and come back home to tackle the relocation of our items to a new storage me, this is a VERY exciting thing to the Simpletons!
-Simple Guy and Girl head to dinner and get breakfast at Melrose - we share an order of crunchy french toast, scrambled eggs and hash browns

-Simple Guy and Girl get up and head to the club for a great workout (although we are not feeling guilty about last night's greasy spoon dinner)
-Simple Guy does his things around the house and Simple Girl does hers until.....
-Dinner for four at Chez Simple Guy and Girl - we love having company!

-Simple Guy and Girl go to church in the morning
-Simple Guy must work, but at least he is doing it from home
-Simple Girl will get to see her mom- perhaps will go for a walk or for tea
-Simple Guy and Girl enjoy a simple dinner together and get ready for the week


Farm-Raised said...

Sounds idyllic. Hope you enjoy it!!

Anonymous said...

...well THAT made me homesick for a weekend at the Simpletons'...