March 17, 2008

Red Letter Day

Have you ever heard of the expression "red letter day?" I have on a number of occasions and it always suggests a great day, although I am not real clear on what a red letter has to do with having a good day.

I had a red letter day today - it started well and ended well. Here's what happened:
  • Got my guy off to work with a homemade lunch and sat down to a hot cup of tea while taking in the morning's news
  • Got ready for the day and off to Target I went, where I am VERY proud to say that with all of my diligent coupon clipping and careful ad watching, I saved over $23 on the total bill!
  • I conquered four loads of laundry and in between drying and folding, I answered many e-mails and went through a lot of papers and old receipts- the shredder was busy today!
  • I crossed off several little things off my forever present "to-do list"- those little things add up to a lot of time - and still had time to spare before my guy came home to make another list for another day
  • My guy came home from work earlier than usual and we sat down to a yummy dinner - goat cheese, turkey bacon and spinach omelettes, with crispy potatoes and beautiful strawberries
  • We went to the club, got in a good workout and came back and snacked on popcorn....and then a mini sundae! I know, I know, but you don't understand.....this was no ordinary sundae. We had company over on Saturday night and for dessert I rolled vanilla ice cream in crushed pecans and served it with homemade, from scratch chocolate fudge and caramel sauces. Oooohhh, it was so worth it Saturday night and it was way more worth it tonight!

It has to be said, that although the day I have outlined for you sounds pretty un-extraordinary, to this Simple Girl it was a dream! Heck, any day that is lived out with the sounds of Amy Grant accompanying each key stroke, sip of tea, rolled sock, and egg whipping, is guaranteed to be a Red Letter Day!

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Mom said...

Sounds wonderful - I wish you many more red letter days!!!! I love you, Mom