November 29, 2007


Most of you know Naomi, our dear friend who hails from North Dakota and is living there now as she works on an Indian reservation. Naomi and I were roommates for nearly four years in Minnesota and we became really good friends while we were living together. When we parted ways, she back to ND and I back to Chicago, it was quite sad for the both of us.

I could not imagine my life without Naomi in it every single day. And now, four years after the four years we lived together, I cannot imagine my life with Naomi in it every single day. Time can be a cruel, cruel friend. But the one thing that time can never change is just how much I love my dear friend, Naomi.

Naomi, you are everything that is even and still. In our wedding program I said that you had been a respite for me- you still are even though we are hundreds of miles apart and weeks between phone calls and e-mails. I love that I know your family and that you know mine. I love that you and Taylor have a special dance that only the two of you know. I love that you know inside and out the sequence of events that brought Jason and I together. I just love you, Nome!

At the end of the month Naomi is coming to spend a week with us and I could not be more excited. When the three of us are together we are like the Three Musketeers. We have so much fun doing really simple things like going to Caribou; making yummy dinners; checking out the city lights and heading over to Caribou again.

Nome, we can’t wait to see you at Union Station at 3:55pm!

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