November 26, 2007

Simple Guy

So, as you know, Simple Guy is my husband. But that sounds so technical and it does not give creedance to all that he really is to me. You see, Simple Guy is more than just my husband. He is my best friend, my warrior, my launching pad, my crash get the point.

To know Simple Guy is to love him. How can you not love the most gracious and tender man on the planet? I know I am lucky…..actually, it’s not luck that I get to be his wife, it’s God’s perfect blessing that I am!

Did you know that I knew I was going to marry him long before we ever dated? I have not told very many people this story, so here it goes in case you have not already heard it.

My senior year of college was a bad year for me. I was terribly depressed and had a very difficult time doing simple things like going to classes or buying groceries. But one of the few bright spots for me that year was my good friend, Simple Guy. He lived below me in one of the off campus dorms for upper classmen. We would have dinner together quite often, and I always enjoyed spending time with him, even if all we ate was nasty Pasta Accents from the grocer’s freezer section!

Anyway, one night I got back from having dinner with him and as I crawled into bed, my roommate Jen made a comment to me about how much time he and I were spending together. Instead of trying to deny any feelings I might have for him, I said “I am going to marry him some day.” A few days later I was reading my Bible and the Lord led me to read the passage about Jacob and Rachel and how he had to wait 7 years before he got to be with her. This all happened in 1998. Simple Guy and I were married in 2005….you do the math!

Now I am not trying to imply that our story is like that of Jacob and Rachel’s. I mean Simple Guy did not have to marry my sister before he got to marry me and there was no drama with my dad and him. But I remember reading that passage and having a peace in my heart that this was a message for me; this was something to hold on to; this was a promise to be fulfilled in God’s perfect timing.

January 29, 2005 has forever changed my life. It was the first day of my life with Simple Guy. There is no going back to life without him. Even if he passes before I do, he will always be with me. I wish we could have 100 years together because three years has gone by so fast. But I will be thankful for each day we do have together. Our love is better than life.


Stephanie said...

I hate to trivialize your story, because it is a great and touching one, but all I can say is...

I. CAN. NOT. believe you ever ate Pasta Accents.

Farm-Raised said...

I loved this! I had never heard your story about prediction and peace...that is amazing!! I've always thought Jason was pretty great myself! Hee hee!