November 30, 2007

A Friend I Wish I Had

I have been a long admirer of Amy Grant for nearly 15 years. I have enjoyed her music, certainly, but what has most kept my admiration in place is her. To base your opinion on her music alone is missing the whole point of her music. Her music has more meaning and is further understood and appreciated when you listen to her speak.

For me, the hype is not about how she looks (although she is stunning), the awards she has won, or even her music. The excitement I feel when I am about to see Amy in concert or on TV is about what she’ll say. Her words are laced with tenderness and wisdom and full of insight about simple things. Amy keeps it simple and she herself is simple. There are no pretenses with her. What you see is what you get.

There are three things I would wish for if given the chance to have them granted: 1) to hold a baby monkey; 2) to play the cello; 3) to be friends with Amy.

In the course of the last 15 years, I have seen Amy in person at least 15 times, and out of those times, I have had the chance to speak with her in person about 5 times. I have never taken those chances. Some think it’s silly of me, but the reason I have not yet spoken to her passing through an autograph line (another thing I have never done) is because I feel as if it will cheapen the admiration I have for her. It's like it would be a let-down because what I would want to say to her cannot possible fit into the 35 seconds I would get to speak with her. More importantly, I would want to hear from her; hear her talk about life and her walk with the Lord.

Some have found faith journey inspiration in Mother Theresa; some in Martin Luther; and many in Billy Graham; and while I too find these men and women to be inspiring, I have found a great source of inspiration in Amy Grant and her journey with Christ. When she talks about her faith I truly resonate with her. She puts into words things I cannot find the words for. She has been placed on the judgment seat by her own brothers and sister in Christ and instead of becoming bitter and stained by that experience, I see how it has softened her all the more and made her more able to show mercy to others.

I never set out looking to become a crazed fan of a singer. One day I stumbled upon a singer's music when I myself was young in years and in my faith. And even then, in my juvenile state, I was drawn to what she had to say outside of her music.

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Finnelly Family said...

Yes. Amen. Thank you. Exactly. True that. Perfectly said.