June 8, 2008

Simple Things That Made Me Smile Today

  • Seeing Liz in Starbucks before church and knowing that she was about to embark on walking there in the nasty humidity and heat.....and then seeing her in the church foyer glowing from her morning walk.....she is an amazon woman! You rock, Liz!
  • Seeing the children in our church "sing" together for the first time.....just precious.
  • Seeing a friend who moved away but was in town for the weekend.....Leslie, you're right, we were just about to embark on a great friendship before you moved.....and even though we can't hang out very often, I think it's great just the same!
  • Seeing Phil get so excited about our children's ministry that he made color-coded signs for the rooms.....Phil, are you becoming a softy?!
  • Getting a ride to our car after church because we did not have umbrellas, only to have the rain stop when we were being driven to the car, and then all of the sudden downpour as soon as we got out of the car to get to our car......you tracking with me on that?!
  • Naomi telling me she found notes from a talk we had almost two years ago
  • Simple Guy asking if he could have a few more roasted potatoes after his first helping at dinner.....I guess they were that good!
  • Listening to Fernando Ortega so many times tonight that I could now go on tour with him as his back-up singer.....or stand-in should he fall ill!


Liz said...

Thanks Justine! It was lovely to see you Sunday morning as well. Always wonderful to run into good friends around the 'hood! And, my secret to looking glowing after a very sticky walk to church is that I immediately went to the air conditioned offices and stayed there as long as possible.

A family in Iowa. said...

You are just the best. It was GREAT to see you Sunday, in all of your put-together-ness!! (You looked beautiful!) I love that we're cyber-friends!!!