June 16, 2008

30 Years Ago

Thirty years ago, on June 16, a beautiful baby boy was born in a small town in Wisconsin and now he and I are making a life together in my hometown.

Simple Guy is 30 and while his age is a milestone of sorts, what is really special about June 16 is that it is the perfect day to celebrate and give thanks for the life of the most amazing person I know. How can I ever tell you just how remarkable he is? How can I convey to you in words how much I feel blessed by this man and how much my heart swells with love for him?

All I know to say is that on days when I feel down and defeated, he lifts my spirits with a song and a dance (literally, he does!); when I am hurt and angry, he speaks Truth to me and reminds me where to put my focus and energy; when I am anxious, he stares me in the eyes and reassures me of his love for me; when I am heartbroken, he wraps me in his arms and prays over me. He does all things and so much more.

But the thing that he does that I love the most, is that he wakes up each day and sets out to be a man of integrity, tenderness, compassion, and humility. That is the kind of life worth celebrating- one that puts others before himself and always seeks out the good in people, knowing that it's there, but sometimes you have to dig a little harder.

I love him beyond all boundaries; I never knew I could love someone this much. June 16 never meant anything to me until 1996, when I first laid eyes on the man that is now my husband. Now, June 16 is one of the most amazing days I know!

Happy Birthday Honey!
I love, love, love you!

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betty said...

This is my second attempt at posting a comment-hope it works this time.
Your wonderful tribute to Jason brought tears to my eyes. I agree with everything you said about Jason. You are lucky woman - but he is a lucky 30 year old too!
I love you both,