June 26, 2008

Missing Simple Guy....A Lot!

My feelings of missing Simple Guy while he is away on business can best be conveyed in this classic song by Everything But The Girl:

Baby come home, I miss the sound of the door
Your step on the stair's not there to wake me no more
(or the repeated alarms that you set and constantly hit snooze on every morning)
And every day's like Christmas Day without you
It's cold and there's nothing to do
(well, it's awfully hot here and there is stuff to do, but it's not as fun without you)

And it's mighty quiet here now that you're gone
(no one else wants to sings to me)
I've been behaving myself for too long
'Cause I don't like sleeping
(or eating, or walking, or drinking coffee)
Or watching TV on my own
(even Nancy Grace is wondering where you have been)

So please come on home

Baby, what's keeping you all this time
You're wasting your days out there in the sunshine
(well, wasting is not a good word, but you have been gone a long time)
And who can I turn to if you believe still
That England don't love you and she never will
(of course England loves you......but I love you more)

For it's mighty quiet here now that you're gone
(and there is no one to sing show tunes with)
And I've been behaving myself for too long
(I am always well-behaved and plan on staying that way forever)
I don't like drinking or painting the town on my own
(or going to the farmer's market to buy tomatoes on my own)

So please come on home
Baby come on home
(please do not miss your flight home)

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