January 6, 2009

Let's Learn Together

Over the next several days, I will share with you some great things I have learned from my own experiences, research and a book that I just finished reading over Christmas. By now, you know that I am all about learning how to make the Simpleton household as healthy as possible and this book has really helped me take this endeavor to whole new level. Each day I will share some simple things you can do to make your world a lot healthier.

So let's learn together and please, if you care about the health of your friends and family (and I know you do!) please invite them to check out my blog over the next several days so they too can learn!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the book I will be referencing from- here it is:


Stephanie said...

I would love to borrow this from you some time!

NEVSY said...

THis is a great and a ver helpful idea!