January 4, 2009

Don't Count on the Spare!

Last night we got a flat tire as we circled around (and around and around) our little part of the city looking for a place to put our car to bed.

Oh bed, that is all I wanted to do was be with you last night.....but other plans awaited us.

So yeah, we had this flat tire and we were fortunate enough to be able to coast into a gas station and call AAA. Our AAA knight appeared less than 30 minutes later and he quickly switched out our pathetic looking tire for a dainty little spare tire that has been in the trunk of our car since at least 2001.

Oh bed, I apologize for the delay, we'll be right with you. What's that you say? It's 12:30 in the morning? Yes, we know we are about 2 hours behind the time we normally would enjoy your warm, soft sheets and firm pillows. It shouldn't be too much longer. Please wait up for us!

And off we went to find a spot to put our car to bed until Monday when we would take it to the shop and get an appropriately sized tire put on it and forget about this whole incident. But alas, this was not meant to be, for instead of coasting into a sleeping stall with our car, we coasted back into the same gas station we were at a mere 10 minutes ago and this time we had a flat spare tire!

Oh bed, this is not looking good. It's nearly 1am and we are out in the cold dealing with a second flat tire. What are you doing now? Oh gosh, please do not tell me. I can't bare hearing you say anything. Your words are like a soft lullaby gently rocking me to sleep, sweet blissful sleep.

Once again, a knight from AAA appeared as promptly as could be expected on such a busy night and this time our poor car got put on a bed, instead of getting into one. And off we went, our failing car, the AAA knight, Simple Guy and me to a Midas 5 miles from our neighborhood. And that is where we left our car and that is where she remains for at least another day.

Shhh, it's 2am and I do not want to wake our dear bed. Let's slowly crawl into her sea of blankets and allow our chilly toes to be warmed up by her anger with us for being late to meet her by nearly 4 hours. Ooh, she must be really angry because my toes are warming up awfully quick....how about yours?......oh wait, don't answer, I am much too tired to care.......'night.

AAA is awesome! If you do have it, subscribe to it today!

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