January 2, 2009


Do you like changes? I'm not a huge fan of them. Except for changing wall colors, furniture placement, and my hair, I tend to stay away from changes whenever possible. But some changes are necessary- changing jobs, where you live, what you eat, who you date, etc. And one big change that affects all of us and cannot be avoided is the change in years. It's actually a change I do not mind. In fact, I nary give it any thought and really do not celebrate its coming or going. I am, for this one of few things, quite neutral on a new year beginning and an old one ending.

But I began this blog because I wanted to be more reflective about my life and the world around me, and so I think it is necessary for me to care a little about a year ending and what took place in 2008 as they pertain to me.

In 2008 I danced in the kitchen with my husband many a morning, afternoon, and night. We swayed, we dipped, we twirled, and we laughed as we serenaded ourselves on the dance floor that is our galley kitchen. He was my Fred Astaire and I was his off-beat, clumsy, and doesn't-know-how-to-be-lead-and-always-ends-up-doing-the-leading Ginger Rogers.

In 2008 I sipped lots of Aveda tea in the comfort of our cozy den. Often I sipped and scrolled on my computer, the very one I am using right now, and sometimes I read a real book, not an on-line one. The tea was good, but the time and place spent enjoying it was soulful. Just in case you forgot what it looks like, here is our den:

In 2008 I celebrated the 30th birthdays of my two most favorite people- Naomi and Simple Guy. I giggled that they were old, made fun of them for having creeky bones, visible lines, and signs of memory loss. And then I turned 30 just 20 days after Simple Guy and the giggling stopped. Now I have creeky bones, a few visible lines, and let's face it, my memory has always been bad! Except, of course, when I am recalling my life for a blog post! This is us after my 30th birthday dinner- the quality is poor, I know, but that way you cannot see my wrinkles:

In 2008 our dear Naomi came to stay with us a week. She is always my favorite Christmas present, even when seeing her is under the hottest of weather conditions and Christmas is months away. Here we are on Thanksgiving Day:

In 2008 we traveled to Minnesota and celebrated the weddings of two friends: Jerod and Gail. Here is a picture from Gail's wedding- she's the one in the white dress!:

In 2008 I made great strides in learning how to make our home and the food that we eat as healthy as possible. I got rid of toxic cleaning supplies and replaced them with ones that are non-toxic and work just as good, if not better than their poisonous counterparts. I switched over about 85% of our food and drink to organic and it feels great to know that we are no longer consuming pesticides, herbicides, steroids, antibiotics, and growth hormones. We have spots on our apples and we love it!

In 2008 I kissed my husband a gazillion times. I stole kisses on elevators just before the door opened to expectant passengers waiting in lobbies. I administered quick pecks in the car in between errands and stoplights. I rewarded myself with cheeky kisses whenever I served a delicious meal or cup of hot tea without spilling it on the way from the kitchen to the den. Oh, and every morning and every night (and every time he left for the gym, a meeting, and a haircut) I leaned in for a good, old-fashioned lip smack followed by a heartfelt "I love you" just in case he ever forgot that I did. He's so kissable!

In 2008 I mourned with friends who lost parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles and then I gave thanks for the family and friends that are still in our lives.

In 2008 I realized that life really is short.

In 2008 I strived to be significant. Not significant in what I do or where I live, but significant to others. And not significant to others for the sake of feeling better about myself and thinking that I am so great, but significant in the way that people know that I love them and that I am there for them.

In 2008 I watched my husband sleep peacefully; heard a friend cry; cuddled a baby and danced with a toddler; looked a street vendor in the eyes and saw their hurt; flipped through channels and magazines looking for entertainment only to realize that what they offered was empty; sat with family and felt like a stranger; prayed with strangers and felt like family; got scared and cried; got the okay and sighed; ate peanut butter cup ice cream more than I should have; drank a latte made by moi; held doors open for others; had doors held open for me; swept and cleaned to get my head on straight; got my head on straight and decided it was okay to live with dust bunnies for a while; turned off lights to be in the dark; sat in the dark to be in the Light; prayed to the Father; and gave thanks for the Son.

I wish you not only a happy new year, but one that is laden with laughter and joy, and blessings beyond measure.

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