October 21, 2008

Just A Sweet Little Reminder of Where We Met

This, my friends, is a "racy" photo of Simple Guy and I at "The Rock" on our alma mater's campus. The Rock is where engagements were announced, truths declared, or pranks made known when we were students. I suspect it's still used that way today.

But for a few fleeting moments at homecoming two weekends ago, The Rock belonged to the Simpletons.....it was our small way of trying to recapture our younger selves.....our wild, and crazy selves!

Notice how I am giving into the wooing of SG by lying on The Rock.......notice how SG is just laughing, and laughing, and laughing. Oh, how silly I felt when we shot this for the official homecoming photographer.....but how glad I am to have this!


A family in Iowa. said...

This is a great photo! So sweet!

Anonymous said...

ha! it turned out cute!!

Anonymous said...

(that was from nome!)

betty said...

I really like this picture - can you get me a print of it??? What an adorable couple!!
Love, Mom