October 14, 2008

Five Things

I'll tell you 5 things that may or may not be of interest to you:

1. We went to MN for our homecoming this past weekend and Naomi drove down from ND and stayed with us.

2. Simple Guy is back at work after his two-month sabbatical came to an end on Monday. I went grocery shopping (to 4 different stores!) alone today and I have to admit, I was pretty bummed to not have him with me.

3. I am going to start reading this book by Dr. Kenneth Bock:

I started reading it this past winter but did not get very far. I know it may seem weird that I am reading a book about childhood diseases, but I feel like it is never too early to start learning about these things. Besides, I know a few kiddos!

4. I went to this conference yesterday with three other women from our church. E-mail me if you plan on attending this in the future, as you may want to hear my thoughts on it before registering......or you might not!

5. I am meeting up with my small group tonight- we will be going through this book together over the next 12 weeks:

Looks interesting, huh?

That's all from here.

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