February 18, 2008

Wonderful Wellie Wevolution

There is a wonderful Wellie revolution happening; all across the country people are putting on these wonderfully colorful knee-high boots to brave the cold and wet that winter brings. A creative writer in Iowa has dazzling red Wellies- it's her Midwest version of Dorothy's red slippers. A lawyer in Chicago just got the robin's egg blue Wellies, which just so happens to be the color of her alma mater. And a few more ladies are contemplating what color to get; after all, there are so many colors to choose from!

Oh these Wellies, they are terrific! It's not very often a lady finds a boot that does the job of keeping your feet protected from winter elements all while delivering head-turning style. If I seem obsessed, I AM! And I love my new Wellie Warmers that just came in the mail- they are doing a good job of keeping my feet extra warm and comfy.

If you have been inspired to get your own pair of Wellies due to my constant mentioning of them on this blog, please do send me a picture of them once they arrive and I will post it for all to see and admire.

Here are the ruby red "slippers" of Iowa where the wearer reports that they are turning heads indeed!



Anonymous said...

They really look cute and stylish on you. Maybe I could start a "Red Wellies Society" to give the "Red Hat Society" some competition for members!!! We could wear purple knee highs peeking through the top of the Wellies - oh the possibilities!!

kfu said...

You are too cute! If I didn't just buy my fake Uggs (which I love because they are super cozy!) I would be all over the Wevolution!