February 2, 2008

Under the Weather

Yuck....I have had a cold for the past four days and just can't seem to shake it. Jason asked me where I "got" if from, so now I am playing Sherlock Holmes. Where did I get my cold?

Did I maybe pick up a cold from one of the sweet babies in church when I was in the nursery on Sunday? There were some runny noses in the crowd.

Perhaps I forgot to wash my hands after I came home from running errands on Monday and then when I quickly gobbled up an orange someone's cold germs made it into my mouth.....ew, yuck!

Hannah, do you think you gave me your cold when we went for our walk this past Tuesday? If so, next time I'll take a rain check!

Well wherever I got it from, it came on Wednesday and as of tonight, it is still hanging out. But, I have a few things that have been helping me get back on the road to wellness.

Aren't these just lovely? Oh my, beautiful calla lillies in February- what a treat! These were given to me by Christina to help me feel better.....they're working! I take them to whatever room I am in while I am home- they are traveling flowers. Thank you, Christina!

And this is my tray of goodies: cough drops and vitamin C drops in the front; tissues in the back; Ibuprofen; and the miracle worker, my Aveda oil- I put some on my nose to prevent it from chapping from those harsh tissues. Oh, and in the background do you see Jason's picture? That is especially nice to have when I am bed-ridden and cannot see him while he is working in the den!

Special thanks to Jason for making me fresh-squeezed o.j. the last two days. And thanks again to Christina for the tea and citrus fruit.....those have come in handy!


michelle said...

what beautiful flowers! i love calla lillies. i would also like to know who shared a lovely stomach virus w/ me....being sick is no fun!

Farm-Raised said...

Hope you're better by now! ;)

Anonymous said...

oh how sad...sorry to hear that you're sick. do you feel "rushed" to get better?? :)

sorry i missed your call the other day. that was sad, too.

love you!