November 14, 2009

Our Glory Baby

I had hoped to relaunch this blog with the exciting news that we were expecting, but there was a change of plans. We lost our sweet baby on Wednesday.

And we are heartbroken.

For an entire week we waffled between delighted disbelief, giggles, and glad anticipation of what the weeks and months to come held in store as we awaited the day we would get to meet our baby. For an entire week we felt the joy and experienced the wonderment that comes with the promise of life growing. To some, a week may seem too little time to fall in love, but it's more time than we ever needed to fall in love with our sweet baby.

And now we have a lifetime to know that our first baby is a glory baby being held in the arms of Jesus. Oh, how I wish I could have held our baby first, but my heart is at rest to know that my baby is with the One who gives life. And takes life.

This was indeed a change of plans for us, but we rest in the hope and promises of God as we look to the future. We take Him at His word that He works for the good of those who love Him. We believe His ways are better than ours.

And so I grieve with hope and the joy of knowing that for a brief time I was someone's mom; this, I know, can never be taken away.

He gives. He takes away. And we will praise Him no matter the circumstance.

"But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise YOU more and more." Psalm 71:14


betty said...

I'm so pleased you're back to blogging but so very sad that it started with this announcement. I love both of you very much.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully said, dear friend. I've been thinking of another one of Christy's songs..."Mended." Makes me think of you and all of this. Love you much.


Hannah G. said...

Beautifully written. Amazing story. What a lucky baby to have such wonderful parents who love so deeply. Better yet, for your sweet baby, what an amazing awakening to open your eyes in the arms of Jesus.

Love to you both.

megan said...

oh my. I have been so completely detached from blog world for months...just today I am reading this so I apologize that it comes so late. I just want you both to know that we will lift you up. There's an empathetic ache that I have for you Justine. We know the loss you speak of very well; we also know what the journey is like when pregnancy itself seems like it is never meant to be. It's so, so lonely and it's painful...and yet, God is so good and so faithful and I know He will comfort you and give you a testimony that will minister to the hearts of other women. We will pray for you and we'll hope for you. you are loved.