November 6, 2008

Election Reflection

To all who exercised their right to vote on Tuesday, thank you. Thank you for being a true citizen of this country. No matter how you voted, it is important that you voted and I am so glad that you did.

To those who did not, shame on you. For the next four years, you have no right to comment or complain on the state of our country's affairs. And I mean it. I will hold you to this. When you begin to utter words of any kind about this country's laws, foreign relations, taxes, hand-outs, etc., I will politely remind you that you did not vote and tell you that I am not interested in hearing what you have to say on those matters.

I posted a blog a while back inidicating that I was voting for McCain for this election. My vote was less for the man (and far less for the woman) and more for the moral convictions that I felt the Lord was impressing upon me. I felt my vote needed to be for the sanctity of human life and even though I completely understood and am aware of the state of our nation's economy and the war that is still waging, I had to make the voices of those who have no voice my top priority.

I did not not vote for Obama because of the color of his skin (as the woman in the park the other day was trying to get at) or beacuse he was a Democrat (I pledge no allegiance to any party). If you read my post about why I was voting for McCain and/or if you are aware of Obama's stance on the issues of abortion and stem cell research, then you know the reason why I did not vote for him.

Because the person I voted for did not win, I am not distraught. I am not driven to thoughts of long food ration lines outside of government buildings or the idea that every political crook in Chicago will end up with a national appointment on Obama's cabinet.

In fact, I am quite peaceful because I know who ultimately is in control, for He is the one who places kings on their thrones. He, and He alone.

I am happy for Obama and the many supporters who rallied around him when he was just some skinny Senator from Chicago. I think he will have a positive impact on our foreign relations. And there is no doubt about the impact his presidency will have on the many children in our city who have been waiting for a positive male role model who looks like them.

It's important to remember that no one person can save us. No one person can make right all the wrongs. No one person can lead us into the land of milk and honey. Nope, there is only One who can do such things. And I am still waiting on His return.

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