March 3, 2011

A Petition for Prayer Requests

So many times in my journey through grieving the loss of my babies I have been encouraged and carried by the prayers of others- often by people who know me but sometimes by people who do not. I cannot tell you just how much it meant to me hear that people who only knew my story through this blog or from hearing it from someone else would lift up a prayer for me.

And now I would love to do the same for others. I would count it a privilege to be able to pray for women who are grieving the loss of their babies be it through miscarriage or stillborn or for women struggling with infertility. And I would love to pray for them by name.

So if you are a woman or know a woman who needs and wants prayer for this area in their life, please contact me at and tell me how I can pray for you or your friend. Every request that is sent will be prayed for.

By doing this I am not saying that I have special powers or privileges or that my prayers carry any special weight with GOD. I just know what it's like to be in a place of complete sadness and hurt and how often I was not able to pray for myself- there were just no words I could utter and that is when I most needed someone to pray on my behalf.

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