May 4, 2010

Remembering What God Has Given Me: Friends

It is good to remember what the Lord has given us, especially during times when He has taken away from us. I have had to make a pointed effort to remember what God has given me so that I do not accuse Him of giving me nothing of any good.

He has given me friends. Some are old friends and some are new. But all have a special place in my heart because of how they have loved me through my sorrow. I love them all.

Hannah who is hoping for me until hope takes up residence in my heart again. She is my warrior friend. She was the first person I called after we received the news about our baby. That should speak to how much I cherish her.

Annie who fills me with Truth and sends me off with the knowledge that I am loved and not alone. She makes me cry (the good kind of crying) because she knows how to speak to my heart.

Rachel who prays for me as she holds her baby boy because she knows this loss is deep and it is wide and it is grueling.

Renee who reminds me that there is no such thing as smaller losses and bigger losses- just different losses. She blesses me and in doing so, honors her son who is with Jesus.

Lauren who knows this loss twice over. She is fresh in her own grief and yet she seeks to offer me some comfort.

Melissa who helps me see that even in the hurt there is a blessing from the Lord. Her prayers are laden with Truth and she has been one of my many blessings from the Lord through this.

Janel who sent me the simplest message when I made the decision to wait for the baby to pass at home-”Ask the Lord for exactly what you want.” It made all the difference. All the difference in the world.

Audra who points me back to the truth of who God is and what He is not. There is comfort in hearing her voice. She has always been a healing presence.

Naomi is my oldest friend and while distance and life stages completely separate us, she has made the journey with me, sending me notes and CD’s along the way. I know she doesn’t understand this, but I love her for trying.

Katherine, my dear friend. Even the silence between us could not keep me from feeling her love for me. One day I may tell our story here.....but it's still being written.

And you, Reader- you have ministered to me by telling me your own stories of loss and while I will never say that I am glad we share in this experience, I am glad that we have found shelter in each other’s words.


MommaJoy said...

Love you too much for words.

ssaia said...

**hugs** I have been praying...and I will continue to...

rachel said...

you sure are easy to love!!